Child of Light Review

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Ubisofts Child of Light is a 2D Adventure/RPG/Puzzle published on April 30th 2014. The game is about a little girl called Aurora who’s trapped in a magical kingdom called Lemuria. Auroras mother died and she is very sick herself . In Lemuria she has a little companion called Igniculus who helps her on her journey through the dark kingdom. She has to find the source of light in order to fight the dark queen.


You can also play it as a coop because the second player will be able to play Igniculus. He helps Aurora solving puzzles, traps and light her way but he can also stun creatures and heal. Aurora basically uses a large sword for melee attacks and casts spells with light damage.


Visually the game is amazing because of the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and the diversified design of the different levels. It is amazing how every level looks different and also the piano music really fits the game in general as it is a bit dark and depressive.

On the other hand the game is quite short and not very challenging. I would recommend it for casual gamers or for hardcore gamers who are looking for something different and short, but only if you like sad somber adventure games.

All in all it is a great fairytale


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