Our Impressions – Gamescom 2013

Our Impressions - Gamescom 2013

Sarah and I travelled to cologne as we do every year (:
and what for ? not for shopping , no
but to attend to the annual GAMESCOM and to get insights of the newest games ! In my opinion it is rather important to test a game before buying it, because in the past I’ve made some bad choices buying expensive overrated games..
Anyway we were really excited to be in Cologne again and to meet some famous gamers (. like we met Siv HD, he was really friendly and took the time to take pictures with his fans (you can see us with Siv HD on this picture).
So our highlights at the gamescom were probably razer, assassin’s creed black flag and riot (league of legends)



why does being a girl matter ?

just play the game !

do you know this guy ? (;

do you know this guy ? (;

so I have to admit that I’m a huuuge EG fan ^^
You shouldn’t miss Snoopeh’s stream ! check it out http://www.twitch.tv/snoopeh


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